PAPADU PAPADU is an American-born artist of Nigerian descent, with grandparents from the diverse ethnic groups of Edo, Yoruba, Michika, and Bakweri. Growing up partially disconnected from these roots, PAPADU embarked on an enriching journey to rediscover his cultural heritage, a quest significantly shaped by his background in architecture from Yale University. This journey, coupled with personal growth following his father's battle with cancer, has deeply influenced his unique artistic style, which blends traditional African art with cutting-edge digital techniques.

PAPADU’s work, characterized by abstract and surreal compositions, celebrates the beauty and complexity of the human form. Over the past decade as a visual artist, and specifically over the last two years as the Lead Artist and Creative Director at REAL INTELLIGENCE / HUMAN LEARNING (RI/HL) Studio, he has refined an intuitive and multifaceted artistic process. Mastering techniques such as photo manipulation, digital painting, 3D modeling, animation, motion design, compositing, and collage, PAPADU has developed innovative methods that integrate video editing software with traditional art production. These techniques result in dynamic and expressive compositions that vividly capture both his cultural heritage and personal narratives.

His art has gained international recognition, showcased at prestigious events including the 2022 FIFA World Cup Fan Festival in Doha, Qatar, the 2023 London Fashion Week, and Lagos' immersive experience "Nothing Is Unreal." His debut 2D series, "Proverbial Forms | Chapter I | Visions of Heritage," pairs ancient proverbs with artistic interpretations, reflecting his deep connection to his heritage and his innovative approach to visual storytelling. This series stands as a vibrant and profound celebration of his identity, inviting viewers to explore the rich cultural tapestry of Africa through a contemporary lens.