Through the luminous canvas of my digital art, I weave the vibrant threads of my West African heritage, connecting with the soul of Nigeria and Cameroon—a land my feet yearn to touch. My heart is deeply rooted in the ancestral legacy of the Yoruba and Edo peoples, the cultures of my grandfathers, and the rich mosaic of traditions from across West Africa, including the Igbo and Hausa. These connections have grown only more profound with the loss of my beloved father, a beacon of my cultural journey.

As a digital visual artist, my creations are a symphony of motion and stillness, where 3D renderings, photomanipulation, digital painting, and photography coalesce to narrate the stories of my ancestors. The essence of my work transcends the mere visual, drawing from the otherworldly realms of dreams and visions—sacred glimpses into the ethereal that I am privileged to translate into art.

Raised in the juxtaposition of the West, I navigate this duality with intention. My art is a bridge between worlds, merging Western influences with the rich tapestry of African culture to craft a narrative that resonates with those of us in the diaspora. This fusion is not merely a blending of geographies but a reflection of my essence—a soul sculpted by the legacy of Africa and the modernity of the West.

This journey of creation and connection has given life to "PROVERBIAL FORMS," a forthcoming series that marries the tangible with the wisdom of African proverbs. Through this endeavor, I seek not only to honor the ancestors who guide me but to illuminate a path for others navigating the rich complexities of our shared heritage, crafting a tapestry of stories that bind us across continents and generations.